Judging at WrightCon

Modelers and Friends: For WrightCon 2017 and future shows WFSM will return to the traditional IPMS 1-2-3 System of judging and awards. At our 2016 contest we tried out using the Open System and while we received considerable positive feedback from modelers about the Open System we found that with around 700 models entered it required too much time and too many judges to execute in a manner we felt was fair to everyone and not too taxing for our resources. So we decided as a club to return to the traditional system for the 2017 Region IV event. We may in the future revive the Open System for a local club show where we expect more modest turnout and have the resources to offer a high quality show where each and every model can be judged individually. Thank you for your support of the WFSM and the Region IV event.